4 problems I need help with- 40 pts! please help! Each sentence is stated incorrectly. Rewrite the sentence to correctly describe eachsituation.a. The temperature is −10 degrees Fahrenheit below zero.b. The temperature is −22 degrees Celsius below zero.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------word problems!For Problems 2–4, read each statement about a real-world situation and the two related statements in parts (a) and (b)carefully. Circle the correct way to describe each real-world situation; possible answers include either (a), (b), or both (a)and (b)2. A whale is 600 feet below the surface of the ocean.a. The depth of the whale is 600 feet from the ocean’s surface.b. The whale is −600 feet below the surface of the ocean.3. The elevation of the bottom of an iceberg with respect to sea level is given as −125 feet.a. The iceberg is 125 feet above sea level.b. The iceberg is 125 feet below sea level.4. Alex’s body temperature decreased by 2℉.a. Alex’s body temperature dropped 2℉.b. The integer −2 represents the change in Alex’s body temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

Accepted Solution

I dont understand the first ques !!


2) Only a is correct
3)Only b is correct
4) Both a and b are correct !!