Javier and Kyle work installing windows and can earn extra money by installing doors. Last week, Javier earned $56 more than Kyle because of door installations. The expression below represents Javier's pay for the week: 14w + 56 What does the constant term of the expression represent?

Accepted Solution

Answer: Β  The money Javier earned installing doors.Step-by-step explanation:The problem statement gives insufficient information to answer the question with certainty.The $56 extra earnings from door installation seems to match the 56 added as a term in Javier's pay, so we assume they are related. There is nothing else in the problem statement suggesting that to be the case._____Comment on this problemThe problem fails to teach anything about math or critical thinking. Rather, it requires a student to jump to conclusions without any basis in reasoning. If the rest of the curriculum materials are like this, they should be rejected.