the common ratio of a geometric series is 3 and the sum of the first 8 terms is 3280. what is the first term of the series?

Accepted Solution

Answer:The first term of the geometric series is 1 Step-by-step explanation:In this question, we are tasked with calculating the first term of a geometric series, given the common ratio, and the sum of the first 8 terms.Mathematically, the sum of terms in a geometric series can be calculated as;S = a(r^n-1)/( r-1)where a is the first term that we are looking forr is the common ratio which is 3 according to the question n is the number of terms which is 8S is the sum of the number of terms which is 3280 according to the question Plugging these values, we have 3280 = a(3^8 -1)/(3-1)3280 = a( 6561-1)/23280 = a(6560)/23280 = 3280aa = 3280/3280a = 1