Which of the following would be the most logical first step to solving thisquadratic equation?2x2-x+ 2 = -11OA. Divide both sides by x.OB. Take the square root of both sides.OC. Set up smaller equations using the zero product rule.OD. Add 11 to both sides.

Accepted Solution

Answer:D is correct optionStep-by-step explanation:The correct option is D.The standard quadratic equation is ax²+bx+c=0Where a and b are coefficients and c is constant.It means that constant are on the L.H.S and there is 0 on the right hand side.Therefore to make it a quadratic equation first of all you have to add 11 at both sides so that the R.H.S becomes 0.The given equation is:2x2-x+ 2 = -11If we add 11 on both sides the equation will be:2x2-x+ 2 +11= -11+112x^2-x+13=0Thus the correct option is DYou can further solve it by applying quadratic formula....